Choosing the Quartzon colour that is perfect for you and your environment

Our colour collections offer so many possibilities to create a pool that is just perfect for you and your environment. However, before you choose a colour for your pool, we encourage you to consider the area surrounding it.

Pools that are located under an open sky can take full advantage of light reflections, to create a richer, 'bluer' tint to the pool water. While pools that are surrounded with tall trees and shrubs, produce darker shades due to shadows that are cast. Tile bands and the depth of the pool also influence the final colour of your pool.

Colour that lasts

Unlike many other pool surfaces that fade after a short time (because the colour is dyed on), the rich colours in Quartzon are achieved through a technologically advanced colourfast process of ceramic firing. Specialised, fade resistant, iron oxide pigments used to colour the stone and the cement* ensure your Quartzon surface retains its brilliant colour for many years to come.

* Santorini do not contain pigment within the cement.

Colour range

Our collection of seven designer colours gives you the flexibility to choose the look that is just right for you - whether you are renovating an old pool or about to build a new one.

Choose from light, crisp blues, beach lagoon tones or darker blues and aqua green depending on your style and budget.

Colours to suit every budget

Lighter Quartzon colours such as Quartzon White Beach are around the same price as good quality pebblecrete pools.

As the Quartzon colours get darker, more pigments and ceramically coloured stone are required, thereby increasing the investment. The richer, darker colours such as Quartzon Pacific Star and Quartzon Royal Blue are at the higher end of the scale, yet still remain more cost effective than a fully tiled pool.